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Research Programs

JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research is devoted to quality and excellence in teaching, learning and research and strives to create leaders who make a positive difference to the community they serve.

Research Regulations

JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research offers Ph.D programs under various faculties of the Deemed to be University. The Ph.D programs offered at JSS AHER are oriented towards health Sciences. Students conduct their research work in the Constituent colleges and JSSAHER Departments.

Research Guides

JSS AHER faculty are involved in research work that are related to health and disease. Being a Health Sciences based institute of higher education, the students and research scholars at JSS AHER have an opportunity to interact with faculty from Medicine, Dental, Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Natural Sciences and Management Sciences and work on interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research projects.

Publication Trend


The Year 2022 has thus far seen 1206 publications

A total of 11,000+ publications by authors affiliated to JSS AHER right from inception (first paper identified in 1986) till date is identified. The publication trend for the organization makes for a fascinating study. The publications have shown an increase in number in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Around 46.32% of JSS AHER's publications have come in the last 5 years from 2017 to till date with peak publications in the year 2021 and highest number of publications in Scopus in year 2022.

Official publication of JSS Academy of Higher Eduction & Research

International Journal of Health & Allied Sciences