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What to do in Mysuru

The Mysuru city experiences desirable weather throughout the year. Mysore is situated at the foothills of Chamundi Hills about 145.2 km (90 mi) towards the southwest of Bangalore and spread across an area of 155 km2 (60 sq. mi).

Mysuru has always experienced very comforting weather with warm summers and cold winters. But neither the summers are very hot, nor the winters are very cold. Rainfall takes place quite often.

Historic Sites at Mysuru

  • Mysuru Palace: Constructed in Indo-Saracenic style, the magnificent Mysuru Palace also known as Amba Vilas is the official residence of the Wadiyar dynasty and the seat of the Kingdom of Mysuru.
  • Lalit Mahal Palace: The second largest palace in Mysuru, located near the Chamundi Hills. Built in 1921, Lalit Mahal Palace is now a heritage hotel.
  • Talakadu: A place of tremendous archaeological significance, Talakad is known for the 30 temples buried under the sands. Legend says that the temples of Talakad buried under the sands due to a curse.
  • Chittaranjan Palace: Chittaranjan Palace was built by the Maharaja of Mysuru for his sister in 1916. Chittaranjan palace is located on the Hunsur road.

Adventures/Activities around Mysuru

  • Kabini Backwaters Forest Safari
  • Hike up to Chamundi Hills
  • Watersports at Varuna Lake
  • E-Bike tours
  • Brindavan Gardens (24 km from mysuru)

Shopping in Mysuru Renowned for its exquisite artifacts and finest silk and handicrafts range from sandalwood and rosewood art pieces