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Arrival in India / Mysuru

The following points will give you a quick preview of what should be taken care of before you look forward to departing from your home country:

  • Ensure that you obtain a visa from the Indian Embassy/ High Commission in your respective countries.
  • For students traveling from African countries, Yellow Fever vaccination is mandatory before entering India.
  • If there are certain medicines that you are supposed to consume due to any medical reason prescribed by a doctor, please carry them along. It is also suggested to carry the prescription of that medicine for any further reference. Kindly carry a medical fitness certificate and inform the University in advance regarding any chronic illness.
  • Make sure that you carry the originals and copies of your certificates/degrees, letter of admission, and at least 10 No's passport size (about 2 X 2 inch) photographs.
  • Please carry all the fee receipt in original provide by the University against any payments made.
  • Money can be carried money in the form of Traveler's Cheques, which can be easily redeemed at the airport as well as several foreign exchange offices and banks, alternatively, US Dollars can be exchanged at various authorized foreign exchange outlets in India.
  • Keep all the valuables, important documents (Passport, Visa papers) in the Cabin baggage, to avoid the possibility of their getting misplaced during transit.
  • Keep all the contact numbers handy in case of need.
  • Residential power supplied in India is two-wire 220-240 volts. Many power outlets are universal and accept many plugs without an adapter. A combination receptacle for types C, D, and M is usually present.
  • It is mandatory to obtain health insurance upon your arrival in India. You may seek help from your University for the same.
  • It is mandatory to follow the rules and regulations of the University upon your arrival. Please adhere to the guidelines, dress code, and maintain decorum.