Global Engagement

The Global Engagement (GE) section facilitates and coordinates all university`s national and international activities, from individual academic and research initiatives to institutional collaborations.

The GE functions in line with the vision and mission of the JSS AHER, by means of enhancing the university`s interests globally and enabling its strategic plans to promote internationalization of the university.


To foster and build-up resources, national and international partnerships that bring global presence and wider visibility to the University


To provide rich and transformative international learning cooperatives, opportunities, scholarships and integrated mobility programmers and to develop global competency, and cross cultural engagements for all students and faculties

Strategic Direction

Global Engagement transcending languages and nations: Connected Globally

Global engagement opportunities can bring higher education to learn from different sources of knowledge and wisdom and to develop individual and collective capacity for deep listening, dialogue, and collaborations for the common good. Recognizing that it operates in a dynamic and rapidly changing global environment the University will

  • Seek ways to work effectively with strategic partners throughout the world. Partner in a collaborative spirit with Universities abroad to help accelerate the mutual development of medical education, while strengthening the local capabilities and infrastructure.
  • Seek opportunities to customize and deliver programs and services to best meet the needs of individual countries and regions, focusing in particular on developing countries where local resources and capabilities are most constrained.
  • Provide technical assistance, training and other skill development programs in developing countries to help improve the availability of trained and skilled manpower that can support the development and the healthcare delivery in such regions.
  • Establish facilities and sites in countries and regions as appropriate to expand the University`s presence and enable it to work more closely and effectively with key stakeholders in such countries and regions.


Global Engagement Functions