Welcome to JSS AHER skill and simulation Center

JSS AHER Skill and Simulation Center is state of the art medical training facility that incorporates simulation-based education highlighting the commitment of the institution in providing cutting edge technology in the field of health care.

The skill and simulation Center is committed to supporting and participating in offering high quality education to individuals and assisting in their preparation to be effective and compassionate health care providers in accordance with standards established nationally. The Center also supports other JSS programs and community partners through continuing education sessions.

To provide state of art health care education, JSS AHER has established a comprehensive medical & surgical skill & simulation Center at JSS Medical College Hospital premises Mysuru which is one among the top private institution in India.

Spread across 12,000 sq. Ft. the Center has a broad range of diverse products like high-fidelity manikins, task trainers, virtual reality surgical simulators, learning models, computer-based simulators and standardised patients.

With our expert faculty in the respective field and appropriate resources, structure, dedication, foresight and vision incorporated into the program, we are aiming to achieve excellent outcome with simulation-based education.


Our vision is to become a regional Center of excellence for initial, follow on, and advanced Skill and Simulation training thereby positively impacting the community. We will continue to offer state of the art education to our students and external partners through the use of Simulation with a focus on interdisciplinary environment.


The mission of JSS Simulation Center is to enhance participant skills, competence, teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration through the delivery of innovative instruction in realistic healthcare environment.

The JSS Clinical Skill and Simulation Center faculty and administration are here to make the student's clinical experience educational and enlightening and to serve in the best interest of the student. Simulations and case scenarios are designed to help the student develop problem-solving and decision-making skills.


Spread across 12000sq ft area, simulation centre has following facilities:

1. Skill / Task trainers – Specific skill trainers to acquire individual skill
2. Two Skill training rooms to accommodate students in batches along with audio-visual facilities.
3. Basic life support- feedback mannequins
4. Advanced life support-feedback mannequins
5. Neonatal resuscitation mannequins.
7. Arthroscopy simulator.
8. Endoscopy and bronchoscopy trainers.
9. Endo urology simulator
10. Ultrasound trainers
11. Pelvic and hysteroscopic trainer
12. Advanced high-fidelity simulators – Simman 3G,
13. Birthing simulator -SimMom
14. High fidelity paediatric - Neonatal, Infant and Child simulator
15. ICU, PICU and Operation theatre setup to simulate realism.
16. Big multipurpose hall with audio visual facilities to conduct workshops and conferences.
17. Student lounge
18. Pantry area.


1.Practising consultants
2.Medical interns
3. Medical-undergraduates and postgraduate students
4. Nursing students
5. Paramedical students
6. Dental students