The prospect of research in the Department of Microbiology is to accelerate the nation’s growth. The Department of Microbiology, JSS AHER has a cohort of researchers with extensive research experience. The research activities are centred on clinical microbiology, quorum sensing & biofilms, herbal drug technology, multidrug resistance, epidemiology, probiotics, prebiotics, bioremediation, infectious diseases, microbial biotechnology, genetic engineering, cancer biology, nanomaterials, and microbial food safety. The research is also multidisciplinary with inputs from medical, dental, pharmacy chipping towards a more robust form of approach.

The research, though in its initial stages has gained grants from various research funding agencies like DST, DBT, and ICMR. The department has also had a collaboration with Philips.

The young researchers are encouraged with a seed grant by the Academy to facilitate the generation of substantial data for higher grants.

This interdisciplinary research provides a unique environment for integrative research and approaches to real-world problems. This has been possible by working together with medical, dental, and pharmacy schools and our other sister institutions. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) is in place with various international research partners to encourage interdisciplinary collaborative research.

Faculty members at the Department of Microbiology, forefront in research, work hard to foster an inclusive environment defined by flexibility, care, and aim to support our students to allow them to achieve their full potential in their area of research. Collaboration between faculty members at the Department of Microbiology and local partner institutions is encouraged, thereby providing platforms for students to understand innovative and cutting-edge research. These collaborative events help to establish a network of contacts with fellow students and senior researchers that become the basis for scientific interaction and that often happily lead to our students forming long-lasting friendships.