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To build the knowledge-based economy, the key pillar of focus is the growth of Higher education. To achieve a significant impact on the same, the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) needs to be doubled from the present levels. This need has been well documented and solicited by many policy planners, commissions and thoughtful educationists. The National Knowledge Commission (NKC) has brought out various policies related to education, research institutes and reforms needed to make India competitive in the knowledge economy and knowledge-intensive service sectors. In this context, the role of Open and Distance Learning System (ODL) becomes significant and unique.

In this framework, the role of Open and Distance Learning System (ODL) becomes highly significant in realizing the goals. ODL has been able to make a global impact as an effective tool for educational empowerment of different learners deprived of the formal ‘face-to-face’ education due to various reasons. ODL has the potential to offer education to everyone and at every place by use of advance technology. This is a boon for the people living in terrains difficult to reach for the teachers to teach.

With the aim to offer programs in health sciences, The JSS AHER ODL was launched in 2017 with a program on M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and 2 PG Diploma programs and one certificate course. The aim of JSS AHER ODL is to offer programs in health sciences to cater to the needs of the individuals oriented towards environment and healthcare. JSS AHER ODL uses various modes of technology for effective delivery of the curriculum and efficient learning of the learners. It has established two study centers, one in Bengaluru and another at Ooty, to facilitate enhanced learning and provided additional support to the students. It has also having collaborations with other partners whose aim is also to empower the students by distance learning.

Mission & Goals

This course is designed to provide foundation knowledge of environmental issues and problem-solving strategies at national as well as at global level. A student who successfully completes this course should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Knowledge and skills needed to measure environmental problems and other ecological concepts.
  • Understanding of diversity issues as they interact with the environmental problems.
  • Understanding of the use of environmental strategies and remediation techniques to solve environmental problems.
  • Understanding the basic principles of environmental pathways and phenomenon related to environmental issues at global level.
  • Ability to apply this skill to the evaluation of the environmental problems and related disciplines at industrial and corporate sectors.

With increasing public concern about the environment, worlds of possibilities are available for graduates in terms of employment and research opportunities. Coupled with the growth of the global economy, the need for competent graduates with knowledge in environmental science is tremendous in the international arena as well. Careers in Environmental Science are so varied it is difficult to consider them as one category. Graduates of this programme can gain employment with consulting firms, research bodies, government and non-government organisations as Environmental consultant, Environmental education officer. Environmental manager, Nature conservation officer, Recycling officer, Sustainability consultant, Waste management officer, Water quality scientist. As private companies and industries are emphasizing more on the science of sustainability, they are looking for a wide range of professionals to manage the process related to environment.

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