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Submission of Applications

Experts and scientists desirous of participating in the Workshop, except those from India, are required to submit their application electronically to the Director General, NAM S&T Centre, New Delhi at as early as possible but latest by 1 February 2022.

Applicants from India should, however, submit their requests directly to the Deputy Director, JSS AHER, Mysuru at

  • Filled in Application Form (Blank form enclosed).
  • Opinion (a short paragraph; in MS Word format) how you qualify to participate in the Workshop.
  • A short CV in the attached Format (maximum two pages; in MS Word format).
  • An Extended Abstract (in MS Word only) of the Paper that would be presented at the Workshop.
Guidelines Application Short CV

Note: The documents at (b), (c) and (d) above must be in MS-Word format only; PDF or image files will not be accepted. Hard copies of the Application Form and the above attachments are NOT REQUIRED to be submitted.

Presentation Papers

The resource persons for the Workshop will comprise eminent experts and professionals in the relevant fields from India and abroad.

Publication on the Subject

A publication edited by one or more international experts and based on the papers presented by the participants during the Workshop and also containing papers contributed by eminent experts in the field will be brought out in the form of a book as a follow-up of this programme. Therefore, all participants are requested to submit the manuscripts of their full papers in MSword format well in advance, but latest by 8 February 2022.

Selection of Applicants

Selection of applicants will be made based on their academic and professional backgrounds. Successful applicants will be electronically informed about their selection by 15 February 2022.

The details about the Virtual Platform that will be used for the Workshop and log-in details for joining the program will also be communicated to the selected applicants. Other details and terms & conditions the participation will be given to the individual candidates on receipt of their applications.